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002 The army I’m taking to the Nova Open

[quote]The featured image for this post is Raffa’s amazing Pedro Kantor. You can read his post about painting this model over at Massive Voodoo. The image has been used here without permission.[/quote]

Pulling it together

I love designing army lists. Don’t get me wrong, it takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to finalise one, but the experience of umming and aahing over options and trying to cram a bit more in to the points you have available is part of the hobby as far as I’m concerned. I’m constantly amazed by people who can produce an army list in a couple of minutes. Especially as they are often more themed and/or effective than lists I might have spent weeks agonising over.

Part of the problem is that I don’t actually play a lot of 40k. There have been times in my life when I’d play at least one game every week. This is not one of those times. I have three small children, a career which is still in the early stages, a new board game company to run, and a life to live. But deep inside of me the pulse is still there. Like many other people I have doubts about some of Games Workshop’s policies and practices, but I am totally content with the toys they manufacture and the background they’ve created.

So much of the 41st millennium is absurd, yet it is all the more compelling and interesting, perhaps in part because it is so far away from what makes sense to us. Credible authors like Dan Abnett have taken the material and spun stories that do make sense. Often focusing on human experiences of life in the grim darkness of the far future.

So, I remain a miniature war gamer. One of the things I do make time to do, is go to tournaments. I’ve wanted to go to the Nova Open since it was first announced. I like the format, the ideas, the enthusiasm, and I want to meet some of the people I read or read about. For one reason or another I haven’t made it. We had a baby one year and in 2012 I got involved in the London 2012 Olympics and had my leave cancelled. The good news is that this year I am going, and I’m taking some space marines with me.

Why Space Marines

I don’t think I’m going to win the nova open. Let’s get that out in the open straight away. I’d need to play a great many more games than I have time to schedule and it also means really looking for the most effective army list possible. Right now I’m more concerned about having an army that’s easy to move around (i.e. fits in a small case) to make flying from the UK as simple as possible. I also want an army I’m going to enjoy using and may even be fun to play against. As I’m not a regular player I also want an army that I can play quickly and won’t take me too long to learn to use.

All of which leads me to space marines. I’ve played them on and off for years and the current codex is pretty decent. I’ve wanted to try a Pedro list for a couple of editions, and with one of the limited edition Space Marine Mail Order Captains sitting on the shelf I had a model I could proxy for Mr Kantor. For now, let’s look at the list and I’ll talk you through how I picked this stuff in a future post.

[accordion title=’1850 Points – Space Marines Army List’]

Primary Detachment – Crimson Fist Space Marines


Pedro Kantor

10 Sternguard riding in a Rhino with a dozerblade. Sergeant carries melta bombs.
10 Sternguard riding in a Rhino with a dozerblade. Sergeant carries melta bombs.
10 Sternguard riding in a Rhino with a dozerblade. Sergeant carries melta bombs.

5 Scouts armed with shotguns riding in a Landspeeder Storm with heavy flamer. Sergeant carries melta bombs.
5 Scouts armed with shotguns riding in a Landspeeder Storm with heavy flamer. Sergeant carries a combi-melta.

Fast Attack
Stormtalon with skyhammer missile launcher.

Heavy Support
5 Devastators carrying 4 lascannons.
1 Thunderfire Cannon

Allied Detachment: Codex Inquisition

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor with psyocculum, 3 servo skulls, power sword and Liber Heresius

5 Death Cult Assassins riding in a Razorback with twin-linked assault cannon, dozerblade, and psybolts.

1849 points.

It would be good to hear what you think!

A short aside. It feels good to be blogging again. Previous attempts have been very useful. I’ve learned that blogging takes confidence and consistency. Confidence, because you need to use your own voice. Say things you want to say and say them in your own way. Consistency, because blogging is a conversation and no one likes to be left hanging. My respect for those who blog has increased and I’ve set a little more time aside this time around for both planning, editing and producing content for ServoSkull.

Post your thoughts below!


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