March 14, 2015 Gareth

2015 Nova Open

Just picked up my SuperNova pass to the 2015 Nova open.

Not sure I’m going to be playing any 40k there though, it takes so much time and with three small children I just don’t have very much time to spare. I’m thinking I’ll play one of the smaller skirmish games which will won’t require me to paint and playtest more than about ten models tops. There are plenty of these games and Infinity is the front runner at the moment.

I have my first test game, with my current Yu Jing squad on Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it goes. Who knows? Perhaps this will be the first post in a series that leads to me crushing everyone and taking all of the top Infinity prizes? More likely I’ll go, get beaten quite a bit, and have a fantastic time along the way.

In other news, I cleared out the loft with the help of my father in law. I’ll be setting up a little shop somewhere to try to sell some of the armies and miniatures I’ve hoarded over the years. eBay and Facebook seem to be the prime contenders.

In other, other, news I have been playing Elite: Dangerous. Because of the aforementioned time commitments I’m not able to spend a lot of time playing, but I have managed to grab myself a Cobra MkIII and I am enjoying bouncing around the universe in that. I suspect I will kit it out for exploration and begin a little sojourn within the next few weeks. No bad guys to contend with and a fun way of putting my name on the map in small convenient packets of play.

Which is not to say that I haven;t enjoyed the occasional scrap…


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