April 20, 2015 Gareth

Periorbis is on Kickstarter

One of the reasons I’ve not had very much hobby time is that, along with a couple of friends, I established a company called Perihelion Games.

I was invited to play board games at a small board gaming group a couple of years back. The very first thing we played was Game of Thrones (2nd Ed). It was a spectacular game. I wasn’t really big into board games at the time so I got a bit intimidated. Rather than take the game seriously I threw away my position in a major backstab move. It went down really well with the group and we’ve grown to be good friends.

Incidentally, I love how that happens sometimes. You are trundling along, quite happy, when from nowhere you make one or more new friends and the direction of your life is altered.

Skipping forward a little, I managed to convince three people in the group that we should make our own game. A couple of years later and I am proud to present: Periorbis

You can see reviews, previews and back the game over on Kickstarter.

Periorbis: The deep space mining board game for 2-6 players -- Kicktraq Mini

Take a look! Better still, tell your board gaming friends about it!



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