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Blog Wars X


This weekend just gone I drove up to take part in the growing legend that is Blog Wars!

Image of an Ork
One phenomenal Ork army

(Oh how I wish I could claim these beautiful Orks were mine!)

The three-game one-day tournament started as a get together for 40k bloggers from around the UK and grew into a fun-focused day of carnage where turning up and having a good time trumps all other considerations.

The man responsible blogs over at From the Fang, and if you’ve not been I suggest you hurry on over there right now!

Back already?

I played three fantastic games and managed to lose all three convincingly enough. This included the game in which I reduced my opponent to four models by the top of turn three. Just goes to show that I should read the mission pack!

Game 1 – Necrons

My first opponent introduced me to the Tesseract Vault. Quite the eye-opener.

Photo from game one
The piranhas proved utterly useless against it!


Yep. I really did forget to put that Devilfish in cover…
I like the view my opponent gets of the laden Skyshield
Piranhas deploy in speedbump formation
Floods of firepower from the vault
Farsight takes Gauss to the face and not even the 4++ skyshield can save him
Pesky flyers…
The Necrons win the day.

Unfortunately, that huge pile of Tau is a funeral pyre, not a wave of reinforcements!

Given the almost 200 days since I last posted something I’m going to leave it at this point and save the other games and a review of the event for another day.

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