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What is RSS – and why you should care

The great equaliser Millions of people use the internet every day. It is a fantastic tool and its driven not by a small group of elites, but by millions of people just like you, with similar goals and interests. The internet made it cheap and quick for anyone to establish their own property, or website, […]

Japan 2015 – part 1

I’m settling in for a couple of hours at the airport by doing that thing I do best. Eating. This is enhanced by the many pleasures of eating in airports. My favourite of these being the opportunity to use cutlery designed to be as safe as possible. I imagine this is just in case you […]

Blog Wars X

This weekend just gone I drove up to take part in the growing legend that is Blog Wars!   (Oh how I wish I could claim these beautiful Orks were mine!) The three-game one-day tournament started as a get together for 40k bloggers from around the UK and grew into a fun-focused day of carnage […]

Periorbis – Last Weekend

Periorbis has had a great campaign and I’m excited to receive my copy. If you’re interested in board games go check it out!

Periorbis is on Kickstarter

One of the reasons I’ve not had very much hobby time is that, along with a couple of friends, I established a company called Perihelion Games. I was invited to play board games at a small board gaming group a couple of years back. The very first thing we played was Game of Thrones (2nd […]

2015 Nova Open

Just picked up my SuperNova pass to the 2015 Nova open. Not sure I’m going to be playing any 40k there though, it takes so much time and with three small children I just don’t have very much time to spare. I’m thinking I’ll play one of the smaller skirmish games which will won’t require […]

Why you should carry on blogging

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the challenges inherent to blogging. First and foremost being finding the time to do it. Other challenges include dealing with negative comments, maintaining a steady flow of content, and developing a presence for your blog. These things have been on my mind because I’ve been struggling with motivation […]

002 The army I’m taking to the Nova Open

[quote]The featured image for this post is Raffa’s amazing Pedro Kantor. You can read his post about painting this model over at Massive Voodoo. The image has been used here without permission.[/quote] Pulling it together I love designing army lists. Don’t get me wrong, it takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to finalise one, but the experience of […]

001 Assembling the troops

The army list is written and it’s time to start assembling the models. I’m way behind schedule! It’s going to be fun.

Darth Vader and 40k 7th Edition

So, 40k 7th edition is confirmed for May 24th. But the story doesn’t end there. That’s just the start. Vader? Stay with me on this one. I’ve taken a few days to mull this over and during that time there’s been a lot of discussion across most of the major outlets. If you’ve read even […]